Bihar To Provide Free PG Education To Girls

Girls from Bihar who are dreaming for higher studies have good news from Bihar Government . Government is soon going to make announcement to give girls free education till their Post Graduation Programs. Government preparation for running this scheme is in its last phase . Education Department has got approval from the finance department for this proposal. There would be scheme to give free Education  till post graduation to SC and ST students also. Government is soon going to forward this Read more [...]
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Professional Tax Online Payment –

Those who are working at individual level , to give them ease in paying tax , Commercial Tax Department has facilitated online form submission. Department has made tie up with various banks and have started giving this facility online. To avail this service any individual will have to visit the department and have to fill up PT-1 form. The applicant will receive one number from the department . This number would be the medium to fill up the form for paying online tax. Besides, tax can be paid Read more [...]
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Winners of MLC Election 2015

The results of MLC election reflect the mood of the people which seem to be tilted in favor of both NDA and UPA and indicates tough fight ahead of legislative assembly polls. NDA with 13 seats might look strong but when you do the mathematics of calculating the number of seats under the influence of a particular constituency the mood may not reflect shift in favour of NDA.  The list of winners is following: Patna- Ritlal Rai (Independent) Nalanda- Reena Devi (Reena Yadav) JD U Gaya - Manorama Read more [...]
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Bihar Haj – Less Application Than Quota

Bihar State Haj Committee once again received less applications than its Haj quota for year 2015 Haj Pilgrimage. Difficult to find out the reason behind less applicants for Haj Pilgrimage. May be there is less awareness or other reason may be related to financial status , because going on Haj does require huge amount even after the subsidy that Government gives to Haj pilgrims. This year has received total 3.83 applications against the quota of 100020. Each state receives quota according to the Read more [...]
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Monsoon Arrives in Bihar

The capital town Patna witnessed heavy rain accompanies with snow fall and storm. This is a welcome relief for the town where citizens were suffering due to scorching heat and humidity. However, within one hours of rain the sunshine came back with full glory, an ample sign to the fact that this may not be the absolute arrival of Monsoon and rain due to change in air pressure and excess humidity. The comments of meteorological department are awaited, but the people are enjoying the drop in humidity Read more [...]
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Lalu Prasad Appeals For Sacrifice

Lalu Prasad has hit the head lines with his appeal for  sacrife. There is wildfire among the supporters and folowers that this appeal is for Nitish Kumar and he should step down from his claim for the post of CM in the upcoming elections. However, there is wider perception that this appeal applies to all the persons associated with JDU and RJD who might be asked to forsake their claims for the seat in upcoming elections as there is urgent need to accommodate alliance partners and avoid cornering Read more [...]
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BJP Likely To Propose Jeetan Ram Manjhi As Leader

Jeetan Ram Manjhi has realised his fate and knows very well that as long as Nitish Kumar is playing pivotal role in Janta Parivar he will not get chance to be fitted in. Forget about the post of CM , even getting the ticket for contesting the election would be impossible. Quite naturaly he has now started to play his card on BJP which is struggling because of its internal rife in Bihar.. Its highly unlikely that Naredra Modi would allow someone like Sushil Modi as the party leader for the upcoming Read more [...]
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Salman Khan to Visit Dubai

If you are rich and highly connected then you will become extremely powerful. The phrase applies very aptly for 49 year old Salman Khan who has got the legal permission to visit Dubai to attend an award function between 27th to 30th May. Its quite amazing that Salman who has been convicted in a drunken driving case resulting in death of a pavement dweller still remains free. God knows what kind of connection is working for this man. Isn't it shame that the Indian people who are known for thrashing Read more [...]
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Kaun Banega Poonam Ka Hero Result

Kaun Banega Poonam Ka hero contest has generated interest from over 25K youths who uploaded their videos for screen test. The invitation for this contest was made by Poonam Pandey on social network, participants were required to upload their 2 minute video in which they were supposed to give their best screen performance. The winner of this contest will get opportunity to act opposite Poonam Pandey in the upcoming movie 'Helen' which is produced by Nakum and Vipin Medhekar under the World Networks Read more [...]
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Is your building Earthquake proof

The recent earthquake has highlighted the topic of earthquake resistant buildings and structures. To be frank their is not any real science which can save your from natural disasters as you don't know how nature will attack you. Just imagine your building might be earthquake proof but it may get damaged because of other building falling on it. There is no end to optimistic or pessimistic thinking. Lets talk logically and practically, there are several common and best methods to find out if you Read more [...]
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