Bihar Police – 7000 Promotion, 2016

There is good news for the Police personnel of Bihar Bihar Police Promotion 2016Government . Bihar Government has decided to give promotion at large scale. This is going to take place after 20 months. After the ban lifted from the DPC meeting for promotion , the process of promotion is has started .

If nothing goes wrong by next month thousands of police personnel. The process of promotion for the post of DSP , Inspector , Sub-Inspector and Assistant Sub-Inspector has already started. Maximum vacant posts is in the position of SI , where there are 4691 posts are vacant, 2448 vacant posts in the rank of Sub-inspector, 270 vacant posts in the rank of Inspector and 200 vacant posts in the rank of DSP. List of names has been demanded from Range and Police unit across the state. There was ban on promotion from 12th August, 2014.Though last month about 150 police personnel were given promotion after the court order. There are 70000 constable and officers in Bihar police.

Deadline For Government Employees For Declaring their Total Assets

Lokpal - Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT)
Lokpal Act

Central Government has asked all the Central Government staffs to declare their total assets . This notice was already given to them , now Government has given deadline of more ten days to declare the information related to their property. This information is asked under Lokpaal Kanoon” ( Lokpal Act)  under which it is mandatory for all Government employees to declare their assets . There are total 50 lakh Central Government Employees who are asked to follow this order by 15th April, 2016.

This Assets includes all the information related to Bank accounts in country and abroad, furniture, electric gadgets , vehicles, insurance, bond shares , Mutual funds, etc.

Central Government officers have already notified about this order and the work of getting information of their assets and property is almost complete. This work is performed by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) .

Bihar SHC Received Less Application Than Its Haj Quota

Haj Committee of India ( HCOI ) has announced the details related to this year Haj applications total number and Haj quota . Bihar State Haj committee this year again received less applications than its origina Haj quota, so there would be no qurrah for the selection of applicants. All applicants are selected for Haj pilgrimage.

Total Haj applications received by Bihar SHC – 7025
Original Haj quota : 9589
Number of Muslim Population of Bihar according to 2011 Census : 17,577,809

It is not the first time that Bihar State Haj Bihar Haj Committeecommittee has received less applications than the original Haj quota , from last few year there is same story . Chief Minister and SHC has made the statement to spread the news about Haj pilgrimage among Muslims. However, the number of applications show that there was not any impact.

To see the complete list , total Haj application and quota of India visit the HCOI website :

Ravi Shankar – Will Not Pay the Fine To NGT

On the one hand Government advertise and spend crores to guide the public to give tax and fine to pave the way of development in the country . However, there are some element who are given directly or indirectly patronage by high authority of Government to do what they like . Somehow these elements find out the loopholes of the system and enjoy the fruit without paying anything to the Government.

A big name that is now in the headlines is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation which has been fined Rs 5 Crore by National Green Tribunal (NGT) . Ravi Shankar has said that he will go to Apex court but will not pay the fine . The hypocrisy of NGT  is that it though fined the foundation  still allowed it to organise its ‘World Culture Festival’ on the ecologically sensitive banks of the Yamuna.

No action has been taken or any statement has come against this foundation ,which clearly indicates that how the system is screwed by these spiritual leaders sitting on high altars. If a common man is fined and he does not pay the fine he or she is immediately arrested by the officials .

All the rights and duties are supposed to be followed by common man and these people who are close to higher authorities will enjoy and say whatever they like fearlessly.

Bihar Remembers Ram Sundar Das on His First Death Anniversary

Chief Minister paid homage and paid floral tribute to late Chief Minister Ram Sundar Das CM Statue in BiharRam Sundar Das on 6th March, 2016. Ram Sundar Das died last year at the age of 94 years.

He was the senior leader of Janta Dal ( United) .He was the Chief Minister of Bihar from 21st April 1979 to 17th February 1980. In 1991, he was elected to the 10th Lok Sabha from Hajipur constituency in Bihar. In 2009, he was re-elected to the 15th Lok Sabha from the same constituency. He contested from Hajipur again in 2014 general election at the age of 93 , but was defeated by Ram Vilas Paswan. Ram Sundar Das was one of India’s oldest candidates in that general election. This news was coverd by BBC .

On this occasion Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also inaugurated the base for the construction of Statue of Late CM Ram Sundar Das. Nitish also mentioned about this great leader . He gave the details how Late Ram Sundar Das contributed in Bihar development and politics.

Sumona Chakravarti Of Comedy Nights Getting Married

Sumona Chakravarti, popularly known as Kapil Sumona Chakravarti MarriageSharma’s onscreen wife Manju from ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ is soon going to tie knot with her boyfriend Samrat Mukherjee, whom she is dating from last four years. This news came on the website of Missmalini. Most probably in the coming new comedy show of Kapil Sharma , we may not see Sumona on the stage.

Nodoubt all want to know about Samrat Mukherjee. Sumona Samrat Mukherjee MarriageHe is a prominent star of the Bengali Film Industry . He also acted as Ganesh Ghosh in Ashutosh Gowarikar‘s film, ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’. Samrat is cousin of famous Bollywood Star Kajol.

Sumona had made the role of Manju as wife of Kapil in the stage so live that it was very hard to believe that she and Kapil are just onscreen couple.

There is not any official statement either by Sumona or Samrat about the marriage. But both have been seen many times together and sources say that they both want to move to the next level of their relationship.

Ray Tomlinson – Inventor of Email Died

Ray TamilsonRay Tomlinson, inventor of email died on Saturday . He is considered to be the godfather of email.He is the man who brought us email in the early days of networked computers .Currently Tomlinson was working in the company’s Cambridge, Massachusetts, office. According to one article in the Sydney Morning Herald Tomlinson died of a suspected heart attack.

He will be remembered always as a cult hero for his 1971 invention of a program for ARPANET, the Internet’s predecessor, that allowed people to send person-to-person messages to other computer users on other servers. His invention included the ground-breaking use of the “@” symbol in e-mail addresses, which is now standard. Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf called his death “very sad news.”

Tomlinson was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012.His invention changed the way the world communicates in every sphere of  personal and professional life and yet, for all his accomplishments, he remained humble, kind, generous and ground to earth with his time and talents.

In 2000, he received the George R. Stibitz Computer Pioneer Award from the American Computer Museum. From there followed honors that included a Webby Award from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science, and an Innovation award from Discover magazine, and the Eduard-Rhein Cultural Award, according to his biography.

About 14 % of the Indians are using internet , they should be grateful and thankful to Ray Tomilson for making their life smoother and easy through his invention . Digital India is indebted for his contribution.

Bihar Journalism University

Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar has always been known for taking positive steps for the development of Bihar , especially encouraging the education system . Though still not any remarkable achievement is not done in the education field of Bihar. Still lets hope for the best to come in near future.

Bihar Government is planning to established Journalism University in Bihar. Already initiative has taken place for establishing the university. Where the university will be built , still nothing is done for that . The initiative took place for the first time in 2009 which was running under the guidance of famous Journalist Prabhash Joshi, but after his death in November 2009 the whole project was stucked. The same project is supposed to take shape soon in the patronage of Bihar Government on the basis of same act and rules put down in the guidance of Prabhas Joshi.

This university is definitely going to bring some change in our whole education system . Government should not only go after opening university , but also look for the quality and make sure to get it maintained. Bihar is already notorious for dilapidated education.

Bihar Urdu Teacher – Appointment Letter Distribution Camp

Bihar Government is going to ask for the report regarding Urdu Teacher recruitment process related to appointment letter distribution. The process for giving appointment letter  to Urdu and Bangla Teachers was done by arranging camp, which came to an end on Wednesday. Camp of distributing appointment letter was organized from 1st to 10th February, 2016. After receiving the report Government will decide whether to organize camp further or not.

Total 17000 Urdu teacher and 400 Bangla Teacher recruitment have to take place. This camp was organized on the demand of the Urdu Teacher applicants. First merit list was published which was 10 times more than the total vacancies. Candidates mentioned in the merit list were supposed to reach the Camp.

Problem with teacher recruitment is the delay process, which ends up in frustration among the applicants. Often as the time passes , new controversy and procession make it even more difficult to complete the process. Thought Bihar Government this time is trying its best to let the whole recruitment process to be fair and quick.

Patna , Bihar New Year Celebration 2016

Bihar celebrated New year 2016 in full mood . DSCN9167Across Bihar , at all the hot hangouts, people gathered to enjoy their first day of the year with their loved ones. Rajgir, Nalanda , Pavapuri , Barabar Caves and many other famous picnic spot witnessed the positive buzz of new year celebration.

All the Hotels and Restaurant at Patna , capital of DSCN9190Bihar was full. People prefereed to have meal at hotel and enjoy the day with their family and friend. There was tight security across Bihar so that no untoward incident took place .

This year at Gandhi Maidan Indian Idol Fame singer gave the performance , which was very DSCN9154much liked by youth. It was the first time that any singer performed live on an open stage , where the entry was open for all. There was no entry fee. All the latest party song was sung by the singer which the crowd enjoyed. Though some of the boys complained that they expected some Bhojpuri songs too.They hope that next year also such program may take place.