Bihar, Cheating in Matric Exam and Media Hype

Right from the starting of the Secondary Board Exams in Bihar the media has been hyperactive in depicting the horrible plight of education in the state. The core attention is on the brazen cheating and copying in the examination. Its really amazing that there is so much buzz about the cheati1eng in the board exam. However, there is nothing new in the whole phenomena. The cheating, rigging and corruption has been rampant in almost all the exams in the state whether board or BPSC, Railway or SSC or Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams , you name it and you will have long list of cases of cheating and corruption cases and quite amazingly most of those cases have Bihar connection.

However, the media is looking extremely partial in its view point on the state by singalling out cases of cheating in Bihar when such cases are rampant in all over India. This type of depiction is really dangerous as the number of Biharis working in Public Sector Units, Central Government Departments and  Para Military Forces is very high. In fact, barring Indian defence forces Biharis are present in almost every level of the government departments and public sector units.

If media especially India TV continues the partial depiction of Biharis it may jeoparadize the existence of Biharis in the Central Government Departments and PSUs.  We should not forget the fact that the number of Civil Servants having Bihar connection is very high and I would also like to add the fact that most of the officers , scientists,  executives working in Government sector come from the rural and semi urban background and have passed their examination from the Bihar School Examination Board where cheating has been norm for many years. If media will continue its tirade against BSEB for conducting unfair exams then I sincerely doubt that officials of Bihar origin may become subject of joke for their colleagues and sub ordinates. This can create havoc in the whole government machinery which is efficiently run by these officials.

In the nations interest it would be wise for the media to stop discussing about cheating in the exam, just the way it has stopped discussing about article 370, land reform and black money.

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