Caste of Chandragupta Maurya- Kushwaha or Kshatriya

If you want to believe the self proclaimed leaders of Kushwaha caste in Bihar Chandragupta Maurya belonged to Kushwaha caste. Kushwahas claim their origin to Lord Ram’s son Kush. However, it is really perplexing that despite of celebrating Rajyarohan Diwas by an outfit claiming allegiance to Kushwaha people of Bihar there is little historical proof for Kushwaha connection of Chandragupta Maurya.

However, there are several Buddist texts which clearly indicate that he belonged to the Kshatriya clan of Mauriyas from which the name Maurya originated. Here it would be worth mentioning that by Kshatriya I mean people who belonged to upper caste but were not Brahmins and engaged in general administration and military pursuits.

The claims of Kushwahas as descendants of Chandragupta doesn’t hold much ground as there is not any text or inscriptions which talks about this caste during the Maurya period. Furthermore, after ruling for around 500 years on a region which extended from Baloochistan to Deccan pleateu, it is really hard to imagine that heirs of such great lineage would become hard working agriculturists with no connection with administration, politics or warfare for next 2100 years.

The real fact is that the identity of Kushwahas as agricultural community which provides food is more respectable than any royal connection, the timid attempt of creating connection with the unclaimed past glory of some dynasty is nothing but vested action of infusion of chauvinism in the mind of innocent and pious people who enjoyed their freedom and profession irrespective of the distance from the royal court, mainstream politics and bloody battle fields.

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