Baba Ramdev And Dhirendra Bramhachari- Yoga Gurus in Politics

The involvement of Hatha Yoga experts in politics is not something new. The dominance that Ramdev is enjoying was once enjoyed by Swami Dhirendra Bramhachari who was controversial yoga trainer of none other than Shrimati Indira Gandhi. Although he was better at speaking and presentation skills but he was not a great businessman like Ramdev who has turned his Patanjali brand into a multi billion rupees empire.

dhirendra brahmachariDuring the period of emergency it is said that he was one of the top figures in Indian politics and had Google existed in those days he might have easily outperformed Baba Ramdev, whose lack of proper education and deficiency of oratory skills in English has always kept him away from upper middle class and rich class people. Quite contrarily Dhirendra was not much popular in lower class but had close proximity with upper class rich people who often considered his blessings as ticket to political favor.

Who is the real power center
Who is the real power center

However, Dhirendra lost the favor of top leader of Congress in late seventies after Janta Paty constituted a commission to check his illegally amassed wealth;. He lost his business ventures to the government of India as most of them had controversial ownership pattern. Right now the controversies Ramdev Baba has generated it is very likely that he might lose the political favour he is enjoying. It is a very simple guess once he looses the political favour old cases of his business empire might be resurrected to give final touch to his political exile.

It would be in the fine interest of Baba Ramdev to accept the fact that he needs BJP and Prime Ministers favor and if he goes on like this it is very likely that he would follow the fate of likes of Dhirendra Brahmachari and Chandraswami who were once power center but got lost in the dustbin of politics without any attention of the media. Shri Narendra Modi may have the large heart but he is a man of scientific temper and if news like “Putra Jeevak” comes again in media the Yoga Guru might get chance to see the real temper of Mr. Modi.

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