Ram Vilas Paswan – The Power Sniffer

You don’t need the service of a psephologist to guess who will get the power, simply follow the steps of Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan and you will be in the power center of politics. This Dalit leader has remained close to the power of Indian politics and served as minister in all types of alliances that Indian democracy has seen since 1995. He has been cabinet minister in United Front, National Democratic Alliance and United Progressive Alliance and that too consecutively. It means that he simply switched his alliances and joined the rival camps. Currently he is serving as a cabinet minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet despite of the fact that he had given vociferous resignation from Vajpayee government against the communal riots of Gujarat (Godhra) which was ruled by Narendra Modi during that time.

ram vilas paswan with lalu ram vilas paswan with modi Ram vilas with Manmohan
It seems that the political ability of anticipating the upcoming events is bestowed to Ram Vilas Paswan. Whenever he switched alliances he got the cabinet berth. He is a dalit by birth but currently married to upper caste lady which clearly indicates that he is not very fond of playing the dalit card. The popularity of Paswan is equal in dalits as well as non dalits in his constituency. It is a matter of time before Mr. Paswan gives some indication of change in the political scenario of current politics in India by switching side.

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