Replacement For Salmaan Khan

Salman Khan is in for next 5 years and it is highly likely that in that time his energy level and work inspiration will go down toSalman Khan Behind Bar such an extent that we would not see him again as a main lead. May be if he decides to play father or uncle roles which is often done by older actors to run their house then some more screen play would be on offer for us.

Arshad WarsiVivek OberioRight now the producers might be scratching their head to find out who after Salmaan, in my opinion there are several pretty good actors who can fill in the space of Salman Khan::

  1. Arshad Warsi: Those of you who have forgotten I would like to remind that he was the first host of the Big Boss and his contribution and quick wit has better role in establishing the brand of Big Boss than anyone else. As an actor his talent and comic timing is far superior than Salman.Sunil Shetty
  2. Vivek Oberaoi: Have you seen the movie “Company” it is more than a decade but he was never able to repeat the fierce show that he displayed in his very first movie.       Most likely his ruckus with       Salman has lot to do with his slow career. Now when Salman is incarcerated prudent producers might think about betting on this very talented actor.
  3. Sunny Deol: Just watch the movie Jeet starring Salman Sunny DeolKhan , Sunny Deol and Karishmaa Kapoor. It would not take more than 15 minutes to judge that the screen Jimmy Shergillpresence of Sunny Deol was far superior than Salman Khan.. The original body builder of Hindi movies has still something to offer.
  4. Sunil Shetty: When it comes to body building and strength training he is many times better than Salman. Off late is career has halted despite of improvement in his acting skills.. He might fill in for Salman khan in action movies.
  5. Jimmy Shergil: Good actor with a great scene presence. However, there has been serious decline in his chocolate looks but he can be a good replacement for Salman Khan in social and romantic movies..

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