Salman Khan Out – Is this Justice

Salman Khan and his whole family is happy as they know they have tamed the system as per their wishes.  Anyone who is sound in making judgment and has got impartial mind can get the fact crystal clear that Salman Khan is a culprit. He is not only the culprit of ending the human life,  he also conspired to make mockery of judiciary by presenting false confession of his driver who admitted in the court that it was not Salman but he who was driving the car. Wasn’t it brazen attempt of making mockery of judiciary and subject of contempt of court inviting further punishment for Salman and others who were involved in enticing the driver for false confession.

Salman Khan and Narendra Modi Close FriendsThe judge has observed very correctly that Salman acted like a criminal by not providing any sort of immediate help to his victims. Furthermore , he didn’t inform the local police about the accident. Thankfully, it was the truthfulness of several witnesses that police was able to nail Salman Khan. Had it not been Salman the case would have got verdict in one or two years and the career of this bad boy of bollywood would have been over long way back.

I wonder if someone would bother to do a candle march for the hapless victims of Salman Khans hit and run crime or these victims, who live on roadside pavement is lacking the glamour for candle bearers.

Sometimes I wonder why Asharam is under detainment and why there is so much delay in his case. He is above the age of 73 and might be suffering from old age frailty, does he need to undergo such pain when someone like Salman is having easy way out through judiciary.  Read this poem comparing the case of Salman with that of Shri Asharam:
क्या भारतीय न्याय व्यवस्था हो गई है भारतीय रेल

देर करना ही रह गया है इसका खेल

सलमान अपराधी है पर उसको मिल रही है बेल

आशा राम बापू भगवन के भक्त हैं फिर भी उनको मिल रही जेल

सलमान के आरोपों की फेहरिस्त जारी हो चुकी है , न्यायधीश ने दोषी करार दिया है

ना कोई दोष है ना कुछ साबित होने वाला है पर श्री  आशा राम बापू को सेल में डाल दिया है

क्या येही है वो हिन्दू राज जिसके लिए हमने मतदान किया है

संतों को जेल दो और अपराधी को समाजसेवी बताओ

भक्तों को रुलाओ और हत्यारों को सर पे चढाओ


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