Shame on Us for Ignoring Nepal

Have you noticed the television channels have stopped discussing Nepal which Narendra Modi - Nepal Earthquaeis struggling with the death and destruction.  Nepal is  the only Hindu country of the world and India is home is home to the largest number of Hindus.  Quite sadly the focus is on China where PM Modi will carry on his diplomacy.

It is really embarrassing that top Nitish Kumar Nepal Earthquakeleaders in India have ignored Nepal. The only person who tried his best to viist Nepal is Bihar’s CM Nitish Kumar.  But even Mr. Kumar was not allowed by the GOI to visit Nepal in the name of protocol and diplomacy. Swamy Ramdev who was running his Yoga business in Nepal and minting money came back without any real participation in the relief work. We know he is more of a business man than Yoga Guru but don’t forget that the Haryana government has given him rank of cabinet minister and he should have justified the rank of cabinet minister by prolonging his stay in Nepal.

Nepal is not just a country but it is a natural security barrier which saves India from incursions. Here I would like to add that there is not a single instance in History when India got attacked Ramdev Nepal Earthquakefrom the regions of Nepal .

However, time never remains same, things are changing very fast and this natural disaster  is likely to accelerate the change.  News papers of Nepal are critcizing India and its aid. There are websites  based in Nepal which are publishing reports about inedible foods supplied by India in the name of relief operation. Questions are being raised over the lack of cooperation between Indian contingent and there Nepalese counterparts. The frustration is so high that youngsters affiliated with communist group burnt the effigy of Narendra Modi.  This is really frustrating that the current Nepal policy is another fiasco at the foreign front.

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