Patna – Preparation For Disaster

The cobweb of development which has been drawn by the BJP- JD (U) government in last one decade has now become a real headache and nightmare for 4 million citizens living in the district of Patna. This city is small in area but very high in population. The problem aggravates with the fact that the major population of the city is concentrated in very small pockets like Kankarbagh, Patna city, Kadam Kuan, Kumharar, Boring Road etc.

The unbridled development and lack of control from the authorities has resulted in construction of high rise buildings in the areas where the breadth of the street is not even 15 feet and if we take account of the fact that 5 to 7 ft.  breadth of area is not usable than the usable breadth is barely in the range of 10 ft. So if any kind of mishap happens due to earthquake or any other destruction it is highly unlikely that relief and rescue vehicles would be able to reach these places.

There are many people in Patna who really don’t care about the legal restrictions. There are plenty of houses in the district which are 5 to 6 storied on the land area of barely 600 to 700 square feet. Most of these houses doesn’t meet the parameters of building construction department. Due to the politics of the vote bank , the concerned officers are not able to take action against such violators.

The only solution that the present state government must strictly follow is bringing down the constructions which does not match the parameters of earthquake resistance. Secondly the  building construction department must also take action against those building owners who have constructed taller buildings despite of legal restrictions.

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