Pakistan Accuses RAW For Karachi Bomb Blast

Pakistan has failed to deliver on the war against terrorism and now it is accusing that the two culprits of Karachi bomb blast of 13th May were trained by RAW. Its very hard to believe that Pakistan which has got umpteen number of terrorist training camps thinks that these two accused got trained by RAW.
The failed government machinery of the state of Pakistan is now trying its best to sully the image of India which has always maintained upper hand over its old rival. It is very sad that 45 people lost their life but it really disgusting that it is being used for settling diplomatic equations. Don’t forget that Narendra Modi may have failed to deliver on many fronts but he has been doing very well in business tie up with China. The government of Pakistan doesn’t want China to have good diplomatic relationship with India as it would result in loss of business and aid, after all India is a better govern state with high income level of citizens. Right now, the business opportunities offered by India is far ahead of Pakistan which is struggling with the presence of hard liners who seems to have upper hand over the democratic government who do nothing but simply complain about the Indian conspiracy.

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