Preparing Your Mind For Stress Management

It is very common to find people reacting differently to a common situation. For example in case of earthquake which has been haunting North India and Nepal for about a fortnight there were people who were locking doors and collecting valuables and there were many others who simply walked out and let their natural instinct take over their physical being. When I observed the faces of people who were locking their doors before coming out and trying hard to take control of the situation looked fatigued, confused and frustrated while those who simply walked out appeared normal.
This observation provided an enormously precious chapter of life that if you want to remain stress free simply follow the natural instinct. However, the current system of society has distorted our natural instinct even if we crave for something it’s hard to guess if that craving is the result of our real requirement or simply result of television advertisement or our obstinacy for emulating a neighbor or relative. There are effective steps that can be taken to prepare our mind for any kind of stress:
1. Never desire for anything and do thank for everything that you get in your life.
2. Never get awed by other people for their post, religion, status or money. Respect others for their behavior, appearance and truthfulness.
3. The cultural signs of achievement are the biggest farce of life. Most of those symbols and signs are created by the ruling class to subdue the public and hide their misdeeds. You must try to get some achievement recognized by the contemporary society but never try to be a conformist.
4. Always broaden your goal for example you want a good life which is full of amenities for which you need money. However, there are many people who start preparing for engineering or medical course because they think that those careers can fetch money. The undeniable fact is that most of the people make money through simple ideas and simple work. Take your work to such professional heights through quality and value that people willingly give high rewards to you.
5. Don’t analyze each and every aspect of your surroundings.
6. Never take the claims of politicians and religious leaders seriously. Movie actors and entertainers are never real in their public life.
7. Criticize wrong type of people and never hide the feelings of negativity. The negative feelings inside your mind will destroy your whole body. Discuss your negative feelings with your friends.
8. The business of helping others with view of getting recognition from society would be tempting but most of the time backfires. Never provide unnecessary help as it will deplete your energy and money ultimately leading to stress.
9. Don’t blame others for your miseries, it would be like admitting to the fact that your were under control of others.
10. This is the most important one-
Take control of your life blame yourself for problems and compliment yourself for your happiness. Be responsible make your own choices without hurting others. Value the opinion of people you love but make decisions on the basis of crude and impartial facts. People who have harmed you may not mend their ways but you can make yourself strong to such an extent that their next attack may not even scratch you.

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