Threat For Bihar After Land Slide in Nepal

The ministry of water resources, Government of Bihar has issued warning to all the districts which are on the bank of Gandak river. The DMs of all such districts in the North Bihar have been asked to maintain high alert. The step has been initiated by the minister Vijay Chaudhary after a heavy land slide created a 150 foot deep lake in Ramchi Village of Myadi district in Nepal.

The lake is the result of land slide in the area , according to the geological experts the landslide is the consequence of earthquake in Nepal. The color of water in the river Gandak has turned murky due to excess soil particle. The minister has also issued warning to local fishermen against any kind of immediate expedition.

All the 36 gates of Valmikinagar Barrage, built on river Gandak has been opened to ease the flow of excess water. According to the Nepal administration the pressure in the river is increasing and due to premonition of immediate destruction in the adjoining areas the government of Nepal is planning to ease the exit of water through the lake from which water is not coming out due to blockage created by heavy pieces of hill which have fallen into the natural flow of river. The local administration of Nepal has made a proposal to the authority to drop bombs from the choppers on the areas which are causing the blockage. This is likely to cause sudden surge of water in the river in the Indian side.

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