BJP Likely To Propose Jeetan Ram Manjhi As Leader

Jeetan Ram Manjhi has realised his fate and knows very well that as long as Nitish Kumar is playing pivotal role in Janta Parivar he will not get chance to be fitted in. Forget about the post of CM , even getting the ticket for contesting the election would be impossible.

Quite naturaly he has now started to play his card on BJP which is struggling because of its internal rife in Bihar.. Its highly unlikely that Naredra Modi would allow someone like Sushil Modi as the party leader for the upcoming election as Sushil Mod’s role in keeping away  Narendra Modi from Bihar at the behest of Nitish Kumar is more than obvious. Other contestants like  Giriraj Singh or Ashwini Choubey belong to upper caste and not likely to get  approval or Modi or Amit Shah as they have clearly indicated their belief that caste is an important factor in Bihar.

The present scenario has created a golden opportunity for Jeetan Ram who is aware of  lack of strategy as well as lack of creddible face from lower castes in BJP  in Bihar. He has also seen that out of business politicians like Ram Vilas Paswan and Upendra Kushwaha had got their political  fortune by riding on the Modi wave. Quite naturally as all doors are closed for Jeetan and only ray  of hope comes from internal strife of State BJP in Bihar and caste based strategy of Mr. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

Its obvious that there is serious negotiation is going on between BJP and Jeetan Ram and leaders of state BJP have been kept away from the high level discussion in Delhi. Narendra Modi who is busy person with all types of responsibilities and obligations is able to find time for Jeetan Ram makes the scenario crystal  clear and that is proposal of Jeetan Ram Manjhi as the new leader of NDA alliance in Bihar.

This prediction may not appear digestible but the way things are going on the likelihood is very high that Bihar NDA  alliance wil have its first Mahadalit leader in the form of Jeetan Ram.

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