Bihar To Provide Free PG Education To Girls

Girls from Bihar who are dreaming for higher studies have good news from Bihar Government . Government is soon going to make announcement to give girls free education till their Post Graduation Programs.

Government preparation for running this scheme is in its last phase . Education Department has got approval from the finance department for this proposal.

There would be scheme to give free Education  till post graduation to SC and ST students also. Government is soon going to forward this proposal to education department . After the implementation of this scheme while taking admission in PG programs alongwith SC and ST students , girls will also not pay fee for these program.

Definitely its a good move from the part of Government to  improve education . However, the biggest question is really these schemes has helped in improving the quality of education . There are candidates who are Phd and Mphil with no genuine knowledge. They somehow manage to have the degree because they are also able to somehow manage  to take the job , as the eligibility for the job is to have a degree. These garbages of so called qualified candidates are spoiling the education system.

Besides, starting these free schemes to study , Government will have to take strict action against such candidates. Recently when Bihar Government took some stringent steps to find fraud in Niyojit Teachers , more than 200 such teachers were found. Government is still lenient with those teachers who have not qualified State TET exam even after giving second chance. Government has announced to give them 3rd chance to qualify TET . All such provisions are given just to please these frauds .

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