Expenditure in Bihar Election 2015

Election is the time when general public see their political parties expenditure and feel confused about it .  The number of public meetings, hiring top Bollywood hero and heroines for  campaigning, processions, campaigning through electronic and print media, expense on campaign workers, use of vehicles and expense on campaign materials.Bihar Election Expenditure 2015

Today Aroon Purie of India Today tweeted, that he himself counted 25 Helicopters at Patna airport. He quoted further that imagine the total expenditure on the basis of Rs. 1 lakh per flying hour for helicopter.

The government in 2014 had cleared a proposal to raise the expenditure limits for Lok Sabha elections from Rs 40 lakh to Rs 70 lakh for each Lok Sabha constituency in bigger states ( Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Karnataka etc) and from Rs 22 lakh to Rs 54 lakh in smaller states (Goa and other hilly and north eastern states.).

The expenditure limits for assembly elections was raised to maximum of Rs 28 lakh and a minimum of Rs 20 lakh in North Eastern and hill states.

Most of the time when Election commission doubt the expenses of any political party , they somehow prove that they hardly used half or a bit more from the given expenditure limit . Thus the case against these parties is closed . But, its the open secret that the expenses breached the limit in every election. EC is also  spectator like public.


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