Bihar Election 2015: Vote Percentage of BJP Alliance Far Less than Nitish Kumar Alliance

The voters have completely rejected the NDA alliance under the leadership of Narendra Modi and his modern day Chanakya (you can call him Todays Chanakya) Amit shah. The victory of the alliance of RJD+JD U + Congress is not just limited to number of seats its also decisive in terms of vote share.

Narendra Modi on Bihar Election Result - Blame local leaders
Narendra Modi on Bihar Election Result – Blame local leaders

This mandate has clearly indicated that ignoring important and respected faces like Shatrughan Sinha, RK Singh, Sushil Modi and Shahnawaz Husain has costed dearly to BJP. Most likely the political fortunes of BJP is over.
The vote percentage of Mahagathbandhan at around 42 percent is way ahead of NDA alliance which has got vote percentage of only 34 percent. The significant drop in voting percentage of NDA in comparison of 2014 Lok Sabha elections is clear sign that people want to see the real tangible results and talking tall and making brazen promises is not going to help any political party.

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