Bihar Journalism University

Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar has always been known for taking positive steps for the development of Bihar , especially encouraging the education system . Though still not any remarkable achievement is not done in the education field of Bihar. Still lets hope for the best to come in near future.

Bihar Government is planning to established Journalism University in Bihar. Already initiative has taken place for establishing the university. Where the university will be built , still nothing is done for that . The initiative took place for the first time in 2009 which was running under the guidance of famous Journalist Prabhash Joshi, but after his death in November 2009 the whole project was stucked. The same project is supposed to take shape soon in the patronage of Bihar Government on the basis of same act and rules put down in the guidance of Prabhas Joshi.

This university is definitely going to bring some change in our whole education system . Government should not only go after opening university , but also look for the quality and make sure to get it maintained. Bihar is already notorious for dilapidated education.

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