Ravi Shankar – Will Not Pay the Fine To NGT

On the one hand Government advertise and spend crores to guide the public to give tax and fine to pave the way of development in the country . However, there are some element who are given directly or indirectly patronage by high authority of Government to do what they like . Somehow these elements find out the loopholes of the system and enjoy the fruit without paying anything to the Government.

A big name that is now in the headlines is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation which has been fined Rs 5 Crore by National Green Tribunal (NGT) . Ravi Shankar has said that he will go to Apex court but will not pay the fine . The hypocrisy of NGT  is that it though fined the foundation  still allowed it to organise its ‘World Culture Festival’ on the ecologically sensitive banks of the Yamuna.

No action has been taken or any statement has come against this foundation ,which clearly indicates that how the system is screwed by these spiritual leaders sitting on high altars. If a common man is fined and he does not pay the fine he or she is immediately arrested by the officials .

All the rights and duties are supposed to be followed by common man and these people who are close to higher authorities will enjoy and say whatever they like fearlessly.

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