Bihar SHC Received Less Application Than Its Haj Quota

Haj Committee of India ( HCOI ) has announced the details related to this year Haj applications total number and Haj quota . Bihar State Haj committee this year again received less applications than its origina Haj quota, so there would be no qurrah for the selection of applicants. All applicants are selected for Haj pilgrimage.

Total Haj applications received by Bihar SHC – 7025
Original Haj quota : 9589
Number of Muslim Population of Bihar according to 2011 Census : 17,577,809

It is not the first time that Bihar State Haj Bihar Haj Committeecommittee has received less applications than the original Haj quota , from last few year there is same story . Chief Minister and SHC has made the statement to spread the news about Haj pilgrimage among Muslims. However, the number of applications show that there was not any impact.

To see the complete list , total Haj application and quota of India visit the HCOI website :

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