Digha AIIMS Semi Elevated Road , 4 KM More To Complete

Recently Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar shared the progression AIIMS Digha Elevated Roadwork of  Digha AIIMS Elevated Road Corridor  of 12 km on its Twitter account. Digha AIIMS Elevated Road is under construction. The total length of the road would be twelve km. By now eight km bridge has been constructed.

The estimated cost of total construction is Rs. 717 Crore. There are going to be 2700 pillings, out of which, 2691 is completed . There would be total 700 pillars erected for this semi-elevated road.

This Elevated road would be connected with NH 98, 30 and 19. Traveling to Hajipur , Chhapra , Bakhtiyaarpur and Patna city would be easy. There would be less burden on Gandhi Setu / Bridge of Heavy vehicles. Connectivity between South and North Bihar would be more easier. It would be comfortable coming to AIIMS from Eastern Bihar. The pressure of two to 2.5 lakh vehicles on Patna roads will be shifted, which would give speed to crawling traffic of Patna.

Besides , the road to Gajipur , Uttar Pradesh would be easy due to AIIMS Digha elevated road. It is expected that this road would be completed by 2019. There would be four lane road from Ashok Rajpath to Rail Road Bridge. Patnaites are excited to see the construction work which is going in full swing . All are hopeful that it would be completed in the given deadline and the dream of dream drive in Patna would come true.

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