Iftar Party By CM Nitish Kumar

RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and his Wife, Former chief Minister Mrs Rabri Devi attended Iftar party hosted by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar . There were many other political figures who attended the Iftar party .

Holding Iftar party by political leaders has become a routine task Lalu Prasad Iftar Partyduring Ramadan. Holding Nitish Lalu Iftar PartyIftar is a sign of solidarity and harmony of Indian secular culture. Often in the political corridors organizing Iftar is seen as a tool to appease Muslim community . We cant deny that these Iftar Parties are more about political interest than food. Indian democracy and religion cant be separated .

Iftar At Nitish CM houseNitish Kumar greeted all the rojedaar who attended the Iftar. He also prayed with them for Bihar’s better progress , prosperity and peace.

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