BSEB Looking For Profound Transformation

BSEB ( Bihar School Examination Board)  has decided to bring sea BSEB 2017 Examinationchange in the whole examination system after the Toppers Merit Scam , which has embarrassed Bihar across India .BSEB has decided to bring profound transformation by  implementing these changes by this compartmental exam.

BSEB if failed to do it ,  by compartmental exam then , atleast it is confident that by 2017 examination it will be implemented and would be followed strictly.

Few changes that it is contemplating to implement in the examination are following :

1. Bar code system for Matric and Intermediate exam, this system is already implemented in CBSE , this would prevent fraudulent to an extent

2. Changes in the team of question setters. There would be checking of the eligibility of teachers in that team

3. There would be separate channel of experts to select the eligible teachers.

4. There would be three to four sets of question set and it would be kept for moderation

5. There would be new panel of teachers in the board.

6. Teachers , who are appointed at evaluation centre, their eligibility would be examined.

There were experts and scholars in the meeting of BSEB to decide about above-mentioned changes . However , no decision has been made for any final format of changes in BSEB .

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