Aadhar Card Necessary to Get LPG Subsidy

Oil Ministry has made it compulsory to have Aadhar card linked LPG Aadhar Link For Subsidywith the Bank Account to have LPG Subsidy from 1st July 2016. Those who have not linked their bank account with Aadhar , will not receive their LPG subsidy .

LPG consumers those who don’t have Aadhar Card , apply for it , as they have still time to get their LPG subsidy . Their subsidy amount would be safe till September . As soon as consumer’s Aadhar is linked with their bank account , they will receive their total amount of subsidy in the Bank account.

Consumer will have to submit one copy of Aadhar card  in the respective bank and one copy to the LPG Service provider ( i.e the dealer from where they get the LPG Gas cylinder).

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