35 Passengers Feared Dead in a Bus Accident in Madhubani

About 35 passengers died in tragic bus accident in Madhubani district today afternoon. The bus fell into the pond which is about 25 feet deep . According to eyewitnesses the accident took place because the driver lost control on the bus.According to some sources number of death is higher . There were about 60 passengers on the bus. The bus was on the way  to Sitamarhi from Madhubani .

madhubani-bus-accidentLocal administration is trying its best to pull out the bus from the pond. Locals are helping with administration to bring out the bodies from the pond . However, there were complains that administration came quite late for the rescue work . There was severe clash between locals and administration . Locals even pelted stones on police and government rescue team. Though later on locals calm down and relief work started.

However, as the time is passing by,  there is bleak chance of survival for drowned passengers in the pond.



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