RIMS : Amidst Rs. 300 Crore Annual Budget , Food Served on Floor

Jharkhand State’s biggest and prestigious Hospital, the Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS ) ,situated in the State Capital witnessed one of the most repulsive sight. Patient, Palmati Devi with  her right arm wrapped in bandage was given meal on the floor. She was seen eating rice, dal and vegetables from the floor. She was even forced by the ward boys to clean the floor, despite her fractured arm.

The image of Palmati Devi eating on floor is now floating on social media facebook and twitter. It has become the topic amorims-ranchi-patient-eating-on-floorng social media users and question on the Government, which promised to bring ” Achhe Din” ( Good days) . On asking plate to eat , the administration / staffs behaved rudely and said that there was no plate so have to eat on floor . This is the harrowing state of that hospital , which has annual budget of Rs. 300 Crore.

As soon as the news was highlighted , the man who served the food was sacked and hospital administration ordered to serve the food in disposable plates.

Treating patients worse than animals in Government hospitals is not new. However, when caught on camera, reality bangs on the head and compel us to think where mankind is heading. Doctors and Medical Staffs are considered next to God. These Gods, however behaving like demons.

Death of patient in Government hospitals due to lack of doctors or wrong diagnosis and lack of facilities is quite common . Now, noone cares about such news , unless it is caught on camera . Thanks to intense glare of social media that Government have to accept though  hardheartedly that there is so many loop holes in their whole governance and Government hospitals’ administration . The most important thing is that there is absence of honesty and dedication among doctors .

Recently, there was sting on doctors who were caught red handed dealing for the purchase of kidney. They were taking Rs. 15 lakh to 25 lakh for it . Their tout were present in few countries to find the customer and to arrange the kidney by fooling poor and needy . This sting is just one example that shows what patient means for doctors.

RIMS horrific sight also gives glimpses of the condition of village and small town government hospitals. Though already it is said that allocation of money on health is quite low in India , but whatever is allocated , even that is used in such a manner raises the big  question  “Is this the way to use the taxpayers money ?”

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