Indian Railway – Separate Dustbin For Biodegradable Waste

Indian Government in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra list-of-a1-and-a-stations-of-indian-railwayModi launched its ambitious mission ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ (Clean India Mission) on 2nd October 2014 . Its going to be almost two years. Still there is not any obvious change in the cleanliness across India . Besides, public is also paying 0.5% Swachh Bharat cess on services from November 2015 .

No doubt in a country of 100 crore population to make the dream of clean India is a Herculean task. One of the major place, where cleanliness is urgently needed is Indian Railway Platforms and Stations. So Government is trying its best to implement all the possible methods to make railway tracks and stations clean.

The main obstacles that often discourage the railway cleaning team is how to dispose the heap of garbage daily at various railway stations. As per one data any major station daily generate upto to 25 to 40 tonnes garbage .

Indian Railway has decided to provide separate dustbins for collections of biodegradable (wet waste) and non-biodegradable (dry waste) on the platforms and all passenger interface areas in A1 & A category stations apart from vending stalls in order to carry out efficient disposal of waste.

Railway Staffs engages in cleaning would be trained at various zonal railway offices about using these methods efficiently. They will be trained for separate collection and further handling for final disposal of segregated dry and wet waste from the dustbins.

Indian Railways had already instructed for efficient disposal of waste arising out of pantry car services and static units as also to provide adequate dustbins on platforms and by the side of stalls at all railway stations for environment friendly disposal of waste

Indian Railways will provide different coloured dustbins and polythene liner bags for bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste viz. Green for bio-degradable and Black for non-biodegradable. In the first phase, Zonal Railways will ensure provision of separate dustbins for segregated collection of garbage at all A1 category stations immediately, followed by ‘A’ category stations on or before 31.12.2016.

Indian Railways hopes that all the passengers and railway staffs and whoever directly or indirectly is associated with railway will cooperate in implementing these methods and make this effort a huge success.

As a alert citizen of India we should cooperate with Indian Railway. Indian Railways is already notorious for its stinking heap of garbage on its railway tracks and dirty railway platforms. It has spoiled the image of India across world. As a true citizen of India we should follow the rules and help railway in making it successful . Everyone like cleanliness and beautiful environment. It help us grow healthy and think healthy.

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