NGT and Indian Railway Joint Effort To Clean Indian Railway

North Railway has decided to fine upto Rs. 5000 /- , if a person is biodegradable-waste-indian-railwayfound throwing dirty trash on railway tracks or near railway station. It has been found that the residential colonies near the railway station dump their garbage either in the railway station compound area or on the railway track . The minimum fine if someone caught throwing trash on railway track would be Rs. 500/- . This message has been conveyed to the all the Railway Superintendent of various Railway zones.

Already, Indian Railways in April 2014 made littering at stations a clean-indian-railwaypunishable offence. Those who would be caught littering would be imposed a fine of Rs 500 . To make it successful and Indian Railway arranged bio-toilets. It was no doubt was an honest try from the part of Indian Railway to prevent discharge of fecal matter on the tracks.

However, gradually two years down the line , again it can be seen in any busy railway tracks that there is not much change in the name of cleanliness . There is  garbage scattered across the railway tracks polluting the environment and atmosphere. Passengers on the railway station platform being warned so many time, through messages and posters, not hesitate in throwing trashes on the railway track and platform .

NGT ( Nation Green Tribunal ) has taken this matter seriously and conveyed its serious concern to Indian Railway . Therefore , Indian Railway has also decided to be strict in implementing the rules regarding cleanliness.

As per one estimate made by the Indian Railway , almost all the major railway stations in India generate 10-15 tonnes of debris daily.  Approximately 40-45 tonnes of garbage is generated at following important stations in Delhi  i.e New Delhi, Old Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin.

As per the rule ,  garbage from various stations are  collected from stations and handed over to the concerned municipal authorities for final disposal. However, it has been found many times that Railway’s cleaning staff collects the wastage of tea cups, mineral water bottle , wrappers and many other trashes from rail boggy collect it and instead of handing it to the concerned municipality , they dump it at any railway track itself .

NGT is working with Indian Railway to follow an environment friendly method of disposing the garbage . This method will convert biodegradable waste into electricity and those which are non-biodegradable waste that would be recycled using different techniques.

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