Importance of Having Website in Bihar

As per one estimate about 15.1 % citizens of India use Internet . It means that out of 100 person 15 person is active on internet. He or she is either using internet for social connection or banking transactions or collection information from various sources or developing online products to sell or using online interface to sell its offline products or teaching online , etc . These 15 % comprises all those, who use internet directly for their very own personal purpose or for business purpose or to avail services . Therefore its a proven fact that, if these people are approached for any services they will atleast they will give a look at the product and services.

This is the reason that gradually from last three years graph of  online advertisement is increasing . Because , no one want to loose the opportunity to be noticed before this 15 % population .  During last election , all the political party made their online presence through online advertisement campaign . Recently, one survey shown that online shopping behaviour is changing . Future of Online shopping and buying is very bright . After the entry of Smart phone , mobile shopping penetration on worldwide web has shown huge change in percentage of online buyers. Earlier users were not confident in using their credit cards and debit cards for online shopping because there were many fraud case. However, gradually in the change of online security measures for online money transaction , people started believing in online transaction . Many good players played vital role in bring the faith in the online world . For example Amazon proved that online shop can  provide quality product at the door step with safe banking / money transaction .

Amidst , 15 % population who are using internet , there is a big percentage of population who still feel negative about internet. Many small businessman who are approached for website feel that going online will not serve their purpose . Their customers are confined to locality so what is the need of going online . These businessman must understand that going online means that one is getting more close to their customers. Even their confined customers of locality can see what’s new is going to be offered. If there is any change in mobile number of address it can be changed on the website and people can know it in one click . There is no need to approach each and every customer. Besides , one can have different idea to earn money online by offering their product and services , who knows which idea get clicked . If used strategically , online interface can do wonders.

Amazon, Shopclues, Myantra , Indiatimes and many other big names often dishearten the small business professionals. It is because they don’t know that there are many anonymous small players who are earning by using online interface , may be not like amazon but if evaluate on the basis of their  business size and model, they have earned quite good amount of money .

Online Marketing Consultant of Pingoma IT Soultion Limited stated that Website is not only your online identity , its also your online interface to explore your services you provide , which is hardly possible offline. There is no need to spend huge amount to get a website . Initially one can try with Beginners package and later on can upgrade to advance package as per the need and requirement.

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