Any Don Would Be Inside Jail – Nitish Kumar

Chief Minister of Bihar , Nitish Kumar while addressing as the chief Guest , in the 72nd nitish-kumar-no-don-in-biharAnnual General Meeting of Bihar Industries Association ,  said that as a Chief Minister of Bihar , he want to assure the industrialists and investors in Bihar , that there is no Don culture in Bihar , if Government and Police find any Don outside , he would be put behind the bar.

This statement is in the headline because there is going to be hearing tomorrow  in the court , in one of the case of Mohammad Shahabuddin, a criminal turned politician from Siwan district , who was granted bail and came out of Jail of Bhagalpur on 10th September, after 11 years of imprisonment.

Opposition took  this opportunity to accuse Nitish Kumar and current Government , that Nitish failed to maintain law and order in the state. BJP emphasized that Nitish nil down before the strong nexus of RJD and Shahabuddin . However, Nitish retorted that it was all legal process. Government is no where have any role to play .

There was more hue and cry after Lalu Yadav’s son was seen photographed with Journalist Ranjan murder suspect Mohammed Kaif , who is close associate of  Shahabuddin . Though, Tej Pratap denied any association with the accused . The Apex Court issued notice to Tej Pratap Yadav and Shahabuddin after this incident, as to why an FIR cannot be filed against them for allegedly sheltering an accused in Ranjan’s murder.
The apex court responded to a petition filed by the journalist’s widow Asha Ranjan who sought filing of an FIR against Jawed and Jimmi, who were allegedly seen in the company of Kaif.  Tej Pratap demanded , similar notices to be issued against BJP leaders, whose photographs had appeared with Ranjan murder suspect Kaif and other criminals .

Amidst all this political hullabaloo , Nitish Kumar’s statement against gangsters and Don  is clear indication that Nitish stand is crystal clear about criminalization in politics. He with this statement tried again to spread the message across India, that one section of political front is trying to float wrong message about Bihar, that after association with Laloo / RJD , Bihar is not a good place for investment and to establish industry.

Lets hope , Bihar Chief Minister Strong and Loud message may bring positive reaction from the investors and Industrialists.

Nitish further stated that there is lot to be done for developed Bihar , which could be done only if Central Government cooperates .There is need for Inclusive growth in the country . He lamented that Bihar’s contribution in the GDP of India is only 3.1% , whereas its population is about 9% of India’s total population . There is urgent need to contribute in the GDP,  proportionate to population.

2 thoughts on “Any Don Would Be Inside Jail – Nitish Kumar

  • November 5, 2016 at 3:23 am

    industrialize bihar , all districts all villages must have industries

  • November 5, 2016 at 3:26 am

    all types of industries can run in bihar madhubani,manage well


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