SEO Strategy and Services in Bihar

SEO i.e search engine optimization, we have already discussed about SEO in the last article  . Its explained in very simple language so that any common person can understand it . Now , its turn to understand the how SEO is done.

There have been cases that people are fooled in the name of SEO , There are website developer who are running fraud advertisement of promising 100 % SEO optimized website . One should know if there website is optimized or not. If their , website is not coming  in the search engine result especially Google , Yahoo , Bing, etc , it means that it is not optimized.

There are few methods of SEO :

  1. Organic SEO – Through this method  SEO is done as a natural placement on organic search engine results pages .
    After the submission of website for SEO , few genuine techniques are used to come in the search results . First and basic tool is to used the keyword and surrounding words which is related to the service / product of the website . Efforts are given in providing good content and increase the popularity of website through advertising. Besides , reference and back linking improve the SEO ranking .
  2. White Hat SEO : This is very close to organic SEO . Through this SEO process , owner and developer of the website work seriously on the keywords related to the concerned website . They try to do it following all the search engine rules . This SEO is used by those who want to remain in the search engine for long period of time . This is reason that this SEO is also known as Ethical SEO
  3. Black Hat SEO : It is aggressive technique of SEO . They focus on search engines bot that focus only on search engines and not a human visitors . They do not follow the rules of Search engines. They use unrelated keywords . They try to find any  backlinks  of any website and don’t even hesitate to take the help of spammers. They even opt for page swapping i.e
    changing the webpage entirely after it has been ranked by search engines after using Black Hat SEO tactics. Any website if found using Black Hat SEO techniques , they are blocked by search engines.  Still many website owners who are online to earn quick money or for spreading their message in short period of time use this techniques  . They dont care if there website would be blocked or banned in the search engine result.

Above mentioned , techniques are the methods to get the website in the search engine result through which visitors come to the website . . There are many especially paid services for SEO , so before going to avail that service make sure what sort of services they are providing and how it is going to benefit.

NOTE : There are many thugs in the website development market who asks for huge amount of money in the name of SEO , so please be careful .

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