Amidst Cold and Fog , Patnaites are Ready To Celebrate New Year & Prakash Parv,

These days citizen of Patna wakes up to foggy morning . Though last week was quite clear and people were relaxing and enjoying the chill winter . But, suddenly as chilly north-western winds from the Himalayas begin sweeping the Northern Plains it has not only reduced the temperature but also  marked the season with very dense fog, which dramatically reduces visibility and makes days colder by cutting off sunlight.  People in the Patna -State Capital Region as well as other places in northern India  are repotent-city-patna-bihar-prakash-utsavrting considerably reduced visibility on the streets, and noticeably cold temperatures. dense-fog-in-patna

However, State Government preparation for Prakash Parv’ or ‘Prakash Utsav’ to commemorates the 350th birth anniversary of the 10th Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the creator of the gracious “Khalsa” is going in full swing . All the Sikh Pilgrims who are visiting Patna Sahab are overwhelmed by the State ‘s management for the pilgrims . It is expected to be attended by lakhs of Sikh devotees from around the world, at Patna, Bihar from 30th December, 2016 to 8th January, 2017. Dense fog or cold has not shown any slowdown in the working of devotees and State’s dedication to make it memorable celebration of the state. Tent City is created at By-Pass Road and at Gandhi Maidan to accommodate the Sikh pilgrims. patna-prakash-parv-2017
Special trains will run from 26th Dec to 15th January , 17 for 350th Birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj.

Besides, amidst cold and dense fog State is also ready to welcome New Year 2017. All the famous hotel of the city , park and fields are gradually gearing up to start the countdown to celebrate 1st January, 2017. Almost all the big hotels are booked for the New year party . Singers , actor / actress from Bollywood and Television industry tent-city-patnawould be performing so citizens are getting overcharged to mark that first moment of the New Year 2017.

Lets hope seeing the energy level of Patnaites nature will please and make the season pleasant and warm on the D day , especially on 1st January and 5th to 8th January for Prakash Parv .


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