Doctor in Aurangabad Bihar Tried to Hoist National Flag in Drunken State

It would be shocking news for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar that someone drunk tried to hoist the Tricolor on 26th January , which is already official  declared dry day.  A doctor was arrested by the Bihar police on Republic day who was trying to hoist Nation Tricolor Flag in drunken state.  This incident took place in Aurangabad Bihar . After the medical test it was confirmed that the doctor was drunk . He was trying to hoist the flat at a healthcare centre in Bihar’s Aurangabad.Bihar Republic Day

The name of that Doctor is Dr Talkeshwar Singh, who is in charge of that healthcare centre . He was arrested after complain was launched by some villagers that  he was drunk.

Police took immediate action after the complain. They found him drunk and in wigwag state while hoisting the National Flag. He was arrested immediately and police took him to Rafiganj Primary Health Centre ( PHC) for the medical examination.  However, at the one hand police is saying that in medical report Doctor is found positive but Dr Talkeshwar Sinh is denying the report . He is saying that test was not positive.

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