Future of Websites and Webhosting – Interview With Marketing Head of Pingoma IT Solutions

Pingoma IT Solutions is one of the leading provider of hosting solutions in Patna. Recently, we came across the marketing head of the company Mr. Kanhaiya Jee and discussed about the future of the industry. You might find some of the questions and replies quite useful if you want to know about the trends in the industry:

What is the future of the web hosting business?

Kanhaiya: Web hosting business is growing at consistent pace of around 8 percent in India. However, keep in mind that the rate of growth is different for different regions, for example areas like Jharkhand, Bihar , Uttar Pradesh has much bigger growth rate than other places in India.

Any Trend that you would like to specially mention?

Kanhaiya: One of the trends that the industry will have to accept is the rise of mobile apps. Gone are the days of having responsive websites, those websites which are running websites to earn revenue through adsense or other ad networks they should also plan to have apps for iphone and android based devices. Right now having a app requires considerable expenditure in hosting as well as creation of the apps as this business still remains in the realm of advanced developers. However, as we all know that 10 years back even having a website required considerable knowledge of Coding and expenditure in web hosting but now after the slashing of hosting prices and availability of open source softwares like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal the scenario has changed for the good. The good news is that if you are having a website based on open source script it can be easily converted into a full fledged app which can be used to send push notifications and intensify the interaction between the content publisher and end user.

How Much Cost is Optimum For a Website?

People should be charged for the resources they use, If a website or app is having less than 50K visitors in a month they really don’t consume any great resource in terms of bandwidth or CPU load. Infact, if a website having more than 200K visitors in a month with per minute user interaction of less than 10 pageviews is not likely to put any real burden on the resources. The server resources come under pressure when the website of apps start consuming heavy bandwidth and CPU resources and for such kind of customers only solution would be dedicated hosting, in terms of performance and value of money dedicated hosting is much better than cloud services.

What is your opinion about Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is for organizations which has got the team of IT professionals. Its not for average joe who is planning to have ecommerce website for his or her gift shop.  Don’t forget that most of the cloud services bill you on the basis of your resource usage which is quite tricky. There are many complaints about how colud service providers handed over inflated bills to their consumers.

As far as organizations are concerned life has become easier and the need of having hardware and infrastructure has reduced significantly.

Any Future Trend that you would like to mention?

Automation is the key for the IT industry, we might see the end applications users getting more recognition and rewards than the developers. Writers, Presenters, Actors, Directors, Teachers, Authors might not go to production houses or publishers or institutions, they might start interacting with the clients or the end consumers through their private medium like website or app. You might find it surprising but most of the people who offer real value may switch over to their personal websites or apps, the use of facebook or twitter as promotional tool will rise but the valuable content will go away from such networks. Right now I find it really disturbing when many talented authors publish their creations free of cost on facebook or youtube or any  other social network which really doesn’t give them real value for their work.

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