Its Do or Die For Nitish Kumar

Janta Dal ( United ) has made it clear in the current crisis of JD ( U ) and RJD Mahagathbandhan that for them leader’s positive image and clean policy matters above the power . It is the key strengh of JD ( U ) and its leader Nitish Kumar , who is also the leader of Mahagathbandhan , no one else.

JD U leaders are openly shouting about the ethics and morality in the media that CM’s image is more important to it than sticking to power. The party said it will ‘not take even 5 minutes to walk out of the government’ if need be. Many saw it as a clear warning to the RJD that Nitish would not think twice before stepping down if Lalu’s party stays rigid on its stand of not asking Tejashwi to quit.

It is quite a paradox that the person who is known for the deterioration of Bihar Board , corruption in BPSC and SSC Bihar recruitment is now talking about ethics and morality. Don’t forget that the Bihar Board topper scam had very direct connection with JD U as one of the accused Usha Sinha was member of JD ( U ) and had been elected MLA thanks to Mr. Nitish Kumar. JD ( U ) seems to be under opposition pressure and dancing to the tunes of BJP and putting pressure on its own ally, which has given the post of CM despite of having more seats in the assembly.

For last 12 years Nitish has been at the helm of the affairs and if he quits sooner or later a big list of mega scams would come out in open. Most likely Mr. Sushil Modi know very well about those wrong doings and he is successful in bringing down Nitish Kumar on his knees in true style of Chanakya the unofficial political guru of BJP.

The attack on Bihar government has been timed very well but the question is if there are concrete proofs of corruption charges against the youngest Deputy CM of the country Tejasvi Yadav then why the hell arrest warrant is not issued. The reason is simple all those proofs of CBI would not stand the scrutiny of court and fall flat breaking the jaw of the corrupt system which believes in destroying the soul of democracy. If Nitish Kumar is having any kind of misconception about getting a welcome party in NDA it would be his fault. Narendra Modi knows how to destroy his opposition and if Nitish falls in the trap it would be better for Bihar for long term as sooner or later under the new wave of political change sans BJP and JD U would incarnate in Bihar as well as India.

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