Tejasvi Yadav Will Not Quit – NItish Kumar

The final verdict is out now, Nitish  Kumar who appeared to be under pressure from his former colleague Sushil Modi  to come back to NDA has decided to stick with RJD the ideological partner of JD (U). This decision by Mr. Kumar has put full stop on all the evil predictions about the rift between RJD and JD (U). Nitish Kumar is a shrewd politician who knows the ground reality of his own party and the dependence on RJD is ideologically more convenient than the tight grip of prime minister Narendra Modi , who is known for carrying out authoritarian style of politics, in which all other ally or party members become devoid  of any kind of identity under his own brand image.

However, it seems that Nitish Kumar is well aware of the consequences of rejoining the NDA, which is likely to loose face in upcoming elections of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and the home turf of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. Besides, that the ground reality in Bihar is also against BJP despite of opening up of shakas of RSS in various towns and municipalities, it has been unsuccessful in attracting the lower caste and backward caste people in its fold. Offcourse, ABVP, Bajrang Dal tried their hand in Bihar, but most of the time they are unsuccessful in creating communal polarization like Uttar Pradesh. Except for several timid upper caste people who believe that BJP will revoke reservation in jobs there are very few takers of cow and gobar agenda  of BJP in the upper caste section of Hindus in Bihar. Under these circumstances, Nitish Kumar knows very well that what would be best in the interest of his party.

Nitish is well aware of the usurping style of politics of Narendra Modi , where most of the allies are likely to become losers. Just few years back when BJP was trying hard to get Mamta Banerjee under its fold there was nothing wrong in Bengal but now everything is anti Hindu, Biju Patnayak was once a friend but now enemy no. 1 in Orissa that is the Sanghi style of politics of backstabbing. Leaders like Ram Vilas Paswan are compelled to speak according to the wishes of the grand master of NDA ie Narendra Modi. Probably these are the perspectives too scary for Mr. Nitish Kumar to even think about joining NDA.

Why Nitish Kumar is not asking Tejasvi Yadav to Quit?

Nitish Kumar is not a average politician. He always lacked the capacity of rallying people behind him but he made his career by allying with the right people at the right time. First he rallied with popular Lalu Prasad and later on BJP which was rising under Advani and Vajpayee he allied with BJP . The current phase of BJP sound like excellent but the doom is likely to be extremely dreadful as politicians with fake agenda fall flat on face.  The alleged rift between BJP and RJD is the illegitimate child of affair between media and power hungry politicians. There are many politicians who have been accused of crimes and FIR lodged against them but at no point they quit their post . The best example is Narendra Modi the prime minister who was CM of Gujarat despite of enquiries going on against him and some of the cases are still continuing despite of the fact that he is PM . In such situation , would that be prudent to ask Narendra Modi to quit his post. Had Narendra Modi quit the post in the name of moral responsibility in the name of ethics, probably he might have ended up behind the bars. Same is the situation of Tejasvi Yadav, who might end up loosing political ground, if he quits in the name of ethical politics. Nitish Kumar knows that there is long list of Ministers in the NDA regime against whom FIRs are lodged and cases are running , many of those cases are  absolutely seditious in nature and can result in life imprisonment or even death sentence. Considering these factors in mind Nitish Kumar will never ask Tejasvi Yadav to quit the post of Deputy CM.

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