Who Will Win Bihar , If Elections Happen Right Now

Bihar is the land of the winners who ruled over the whole sub continent for the maximum period of time right from the Haranyak Dynasty, Nanda Dynasty and Sunga Dynasty of ancient India to the Gupta dynasty of pre medieval India Biharis are destined to rule over this sub continent of India. Even in the medivieal period Khilji dynasty which created one of the biggest empires of India and completely routed the small kingdoms to create the biggest empire of Delhi Sultanate of  Allaudin Khilji , even they have got their origins in Bihar as the first notable figure among the khiljis was Bakhtiyar Khilji who ruled over parts of Bihar and Bengal during the  period of Ghulam dynasty.  Sher Shah Suri the first secular emperor of Delhi was brought up in Bihar and worked as  teacher of then Mughal governor of Bihar  of Lohani dynasty.

I was supposed to talk about the elections and I am talking about the history of Bihar- No not at all , I am trying to add to the list another illustrious name and that is the name of Lalu Prasad Yadav. He is as good as Sher Shah of the medieval era who brought secularism for the first time in proper format by having regular recruitment of people at high positions from all the faiths and classes. If we look at the life of Sher Shah one can accuse him of treachery , manipulation and many other wrong doings but the greatest thing about him was that he never cheated against his own people and never showed false dreams or generated false expectations. He was comfortable with Raja Todar Mal or Hemu both of them were Hindus and top officials of his court. Same is true for Lalu Prasad he is so popular with people of other faiths like Islam, Buddhism that no other leader can compete against him and off course he has also got very strong backing of all the secular Hindus. And for the chagrin of BJP secular Hindus are very high in number in Bihar.

Right now if any circumstances compel Mr. Nitish Kumar to go for election or check his potential against formidable force of Lalu and his family he might be in for a major set back. The kind of performance that NDA has shown in last 3 years under the prime minister ship of  Narendra Modi it would be a political suicide to ally with the forces of deception lead by a braggart.

If JD U allies with BJP the first thing that will happen is that JD U will lose its own 20 to 30 MLAs to RJD- Congress combine. Even BJP is not safe they have list of at least 8 MPs and their followers who are seriously contemplating about leaving BJP as the arrogant combo of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah had brutally assaulted them during the 2015 state elections and very likely they are sure that they would not get ticket in the upcoming elections if if happens right now.

There would be significant erosion for JD U and BJP and the ultimate beneficiary would be RJD-Congress combine which might easily cross the number of 180 without the help of JD U . However, this situation still looks imaginary but as everything looks unsettled and NItish Kumar has already shown his tough stand against RJD in the name of corruption the damage has already begun.

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