Drinking Cow Urine Can Cause Leptospirosis

In India, the power of unquestionable  faith has reached its peak in last 3 years. Most of the people who support the government of National Democratic Alliance are firm believer of Cow Urine therapy. They believe that consuming Panchgavya and other derivatives based on cow urine can help them in preventing cancer, blood sugar, blood pressure, hormonal balances, fever —– to be frank, you name the disease and the staunch followers of RSS would say that cow drinking cow urine can help in the treatment of the disease. Infact, the ancient ayurveda system promoted by the RSS also claims the skin healing property of cow urine. So don’t get amazed if you get the opportunity of using some Ayurvedic facial which is nothing but mixture of cow dung and urine.
As it is the question of belief it would be preposterous to say anything against any ideology of RSS or BJP, who have decided to uproot anyone who questions their belief. So in that case, we would like to simply request the drinkers of Panchagavya or any other format of cow dung or urine that they should make sure that the product they are using is free of Leptospira.
Leptospira is a bacteria which infects the urinary tract of the animals specially cattle. When human beings get infected by this bacteria they can catch Leptospirosis.
Leptospirosis can cause bleeding from the lungs or meningitis or muscular weakness sometimes it takes time before the infection or the traits of disease are detected. This is a very serious disease with death rate of upto 50 percent in those people who are seriously infected.

So next time you drink your Panchgavya make sure that its free from bacterial diseases.

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