Rahul Gandhi Meets Nitish Kumar, Unity of UPA Evident

This is going to be the real test for Mr. Rahul Gandhi as Mr. Nitish Kumar himself called upon him to discuss the current situation in Bihar , this is nothing less than recognition of the fact that who would be leading the alliance in 2019.  Rahul Gandhi, the  man who can be blamed for the woes of Lalu Prasad and his family might come out as a real rescuer. Remember the month of September of the year 2013 when Mr. Ajay Maken was addressing a press conference to inform the media about the ordinance which could have rendered toothless the order of supreme court which banned the holding of constitutional post by a person who was convicted by the law. Rahul Gandhi entered that media briefing like a storm and simply trashed the ordinance.
The consequence of his emotional outburst proved to be disastrous for Lalu Prasad who was banned from contesting elections and holding constitutional post as he was accused in the fodder scam. Once again Tejasvi Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav , both of them are son of Lalu Prasad are also facing the similar situation and their is a danger lurking around that they might also get convicted by court and might become ineligible to hold the post. Nitish Kumar and his party which feels that they are known for their honesty and transparency wants to avoid the embarrassment of firing its own cabinet member from RJD. The meeting which lasted for around 40 minutes between Rahul Gandhi and Nitish Kumar at the formers residence seemed to be an initiative from Nitish Kumar to seek a proper solution to the political situation in Bihar and consolidate the unity of anti BJP front.
Now the question is will Rahul Gandhi will still fall for the so called trap of honesty in the democracy of media which is full of pseudo saints and self proclaimed patriots. The ball is in his court if he is willing to repeat the error of 2013 and falls to the propaganda of anti congress lobby or makes his own decision which can help the fortunes of the party which is going to get into the electoral fray in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh – all of them where congress can expect improvement of tally as BJP is fighting anti incumbency as well as non performance.  According to the reports Rahul Gandhi has asked the top leadership of JD U to have flexible stand on the issue of corruption.
It seems that Rahul Gandhi is getting mature in Indian Politics, tough time ahead for BJP.

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