Bihar MLA Gets A Fatwa And Marriage Termination Warning

Right now people can stoop to any depth to get political success , using the religious sentiments has also become a trend in last 2-3 years. JD (U)  MLA MLA from Sikta in West Champaran , Khurshid alias Firoz Ahmad who is sworn in as minority welfare and sugarcane industries minister  raised the slogan Jai Shri Ram after Nitish Kumar won the vote of confidence.  This gesture has been associated with BJP and probably he chanted the slogan to impress the new allies in the current government.

However, Mufti Sohail Quasmi of Imarat Shariah issued a fatwa against the minister and announced that the marriage of the minister can be terminated for his daring act. However, the minister who is relishing the success of politics with the help of BJP was defiant and said that if cahnting Jai Shri Ram can help development of Bihar he has no problem with that. However, later on due to the insistence of Nitish Kumar the minister apologized on a TV channel if his action has hurt any ones religious sentiments.

This act of the minister also proves the fact that there are several followers of Islam who have well understood the advantages of proximity with BJP and it also wards off the rumors that several muslim and yadav MLA and MP are planning to quit the JD U because of its alliance with BJP.

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