Five Reasons Why Nitish Kumar Should Be The CM of BIhar

I am not talking about the common factors like development of the state, welfare of the people, maintenance of law and order- believe me these are no longer the reasons for selecting a democratic ruler in India. Since the year 2014 the only talent needed is how deeply manipulative, deceptive and selfish you are. These traits are common among all the politicians but the talent of adaptability and switching sides which makes you the champion of democracy in India.

Top five reasons why Nitish Kumar deserves to be the Chief Minister of BIhar:

Reason1: He Knows his limitations

There are only two occasions when Nitish Kumar led a political party without any alliance , first in 1995  when he led Samta Party winning 2 seats out of 300+ seats of  then Bihar legislative assembly. Second time he tried his luck in 2014 Parliamentary elections and once again he won only 2 seats. These two occasions made it very clear to Nitish Kumar that he might be good at media management but he is lacking the ability or charisma to attract people to vote him. So this made him a thinking politicians who knows how to survive despite of having minimal support of people whom he led on paper for around 12 years as the CM of Bihar. Considering the rivalry of BJP and RJD in Bihar he was always in position to play with the two squabbling sides and at last he played it very well.

Reasons  2: Immense Pressure From BJP leadership

Nitish Kumar is an experienced politician who has got the knack of identifying the strength of other politicians. He knows very well that if the does not comply with the central leadership very soon CBI and other sleuths might be raiding his premises in the name of Audit scam, SSC Recruitment Scam and Bihar Board Scam.  Don’t forget that almost every year their is some admission or recruitment scam in Bihar for last 10 or 12 years and through investigation of any such scam can jeopardize the peacefulness of the life of Shri Nitish Kumar.

Reason 3: Inability to Break RJD

It was very much expected that JD (U) would try to break RJD but he was not able to do so . Probably the young leadership of RJD under Tejasvi has been highly inspiring for RJD workers and they always considered Nitish Kumar a situational Chief Minister with zero popularity or mass appeal.

Reason 4: Tejasvi Yadav Speaks Better Than Nitish Kumar

Lalu Prasad speaks better than Nitish Kumar and capable of attracting crowd is something that was well known. However, when Lalu’s son started speaking fluent English and witty hindi speeches it was beyond tolerance for Nitish Kumar who is adored as scholar among his followers. A 28 year old boy speaking so well despite of having education only till standard 8th  , this was too much for Nitish Jee who is a qualified engineer from NIT Patna but incapable of speaking fluent English and his normal Hindi speeches are more of data play rather than witty.

Reason 4: The Magic of BJP Victory

The kind of victory that BJP has got in Uttar Pradesh is quite amazing. The way the party broke all the equations of political pundits and got majority which was not imagined even in the wildest dream despite of pathetic performance of the NDA government in the center it can be an eye opener for anyone who wants to pursue political career in India. If a party is able to win despite of zero performance, definitely some sort of magic is happening in the electoral process and it would be better to get the benefits of that magic rather than cry foul and sit out side the arena. The EVM is always giving the verdict in the favour of BJP,  so for a long lasting respectable political career it would be better to become part of the BJP alliance instead of becoming another prey of BJP’s electoral hunt.

No doubt , Nitish Kumar has surrendered to Narendra Modi at the very right moment .

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