Beef Traders Caught in Bihar- Cow Vigilante of Bajrang Dal Starts

Don’t read too much in the incident of cow vigilantism in Bhojpur district. Cow slaughter is banned in Bihar and anyone involved in killing or smuggling of cow has to be punished. However, the way politicians of BJP as well as members of Bajrang Dal are using the incident to get fame as saviors of cow is an act intended to polarize the population in the name of religion. These guys who acted under the command of Chandan Pandey a local BJP leader projected the whole incident in a manner which looks like that they want to become knights of cow vigilantism.
Bhuwar Ojha , BJP state executive committee member claimed that the Ranisagar area which has around 10000 people belonging to muslim community has got a illegal slaughter house. He called the area as “problem area”.
However, the problem is that involvement of few people in illegal trade of beef should not result in endangering the whole population of minority community, most of them live peacefully in the area. There is another story going around in the media that despite of the claims of the Bajrang Dal and BJP that the whole operation of catching the beef smugglers was peaceful there was attack on one of the individuals who was thrashed by the team of cow vigilante (BJP + Bajrang Dal).
Anyway , this incident once again comes out as an open proof that the fighters of Bajrang Dal feel confident only when they get the support of local government forces otherwise they don’t like to take any kind of risk.

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