Midnight Independence Day in Purnea

Purnea was the hub of national movement during the freedom struggle against Britishers. One of the freedom fighter Rameshwar Singh was a big supporter of the movement on the night of 14th August while hearing the proceedings of the upcoming liberation of India and hoisting of flag at the Red Fort by the prime minister of India Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, he and his supporters decided to hoist the flag at the crossing of Bhatta Bazar. This crossing is now known as Bhatta Chowk.
The tradition started by Mr. Singh was later continued by his daughter Sulekha Singh and now by Rameshar Singh’s grandson. This year Vipul Prasad Singh, grandson of Rameshar Prasad Singh hoisted the flag at Jhanda Chowk in the presence of 75 year old Sulekha Singh who witnessed the first hoisting of the flag in 1947 by her father and she herself continued the tradition for the long time. The flag hoisting ceremony at the Jhanda Chowk happens at 12 AM midnight of 15th August every year. After the hoisting of flag people sing the Jan Gan Man and sweets are distributed in the midnight, almost exact replication of the events of the freedom in 1947.

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