Political Vacuum in Bihar – All The Parties Might Fade Away

Politicians in Bihar are not able to gauge the fact that their is big political vacuum in the state. Leaders like Nitish Kumar never got the mass popularity and always got his political survival by manipulating BJP or RJD or earlier Janta Dal which was lead by Lalu Prasad. In fact , the way he has functioned in this term it is very unlikely for him to perform in any future elections of Bihar.

Now coming to the RJD leader Lalu Prasad who looked on the right track by establishing his sons Tejasvi and Tej Pratap and daughter Misa in politics doesn’t look very strong enough to carry on his politics. As far as his sons and daughter are concerned they would get cornered once Lalu Prasad retires from active politics, which he will do sooner or later.

BJP is also losing its vote share everywhere be it Goa or Delhi. In case of Bihar it was already in precarious position and very likely going to suffer in the upcoming elections. Off course if they topple JD U and destroy the party of Nitish Kumar then some magic might happen .

Congress is also surviving on the nutrition provided by RJD and there is not a single constituency in Bihar where Congress can claim strength on the basis of its brand image. If the candidate is strong then he can win for congress or if RJD is supporting then also a congress candidate might win. But there are very few who would support a candidate just because he or she is contesting from Congress.

Question is who can replace these political parties who have been tested by the public and failed in almost all the aspect. Frankly speaking the answer would come from the social media , Bihar is ready for Delhi like situation where a new front with reliable and friendly faces might make it a day for Democracy. Traditional stage posers might find it difficult to digest but your time is over now.

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