Why is Congress Silent Over Bullet Train?

One of the most astonishing aspect of the current internet trolls against Bullet Train is the mum of top leaders of Congress . The low level workers  of congress are fully berserk writing all over twitter and Facebook that Narendra Modi is using the money for electoral gains in Gujarat or how he has cheated the whole India by using the tax payers money for his home state Gujarat by launching Ahmedbad to Mumbai Bullet Train root.  All this information floating around is complete farce. If you really want to know the truth then please keep reading on.

The Bullet Train was first conceptualised by the Ministry of Railways during the NDA government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and at that time the railway minster was Nitish Kumar. However, nothing concrete happened and mere conceptualisation of a scheme doesn’t mean scheme is officially sanctioned.

The real work for Bullet train started by the first regime of UPA under Manmohan Singh when a Japanese firm was appointed to do the feasibility study of Bullet train route between Ahmedabad and Mumabai . So on first count the location of Bullet Train has been decided by the government of Manmohan singh and blaming Narendra Modi for selection of Ahmedabad is absolutely invalid. The budget of the bullet train is also fixed by Manmohan Singh Government and there has been slight change in the upward direction and now the tentative budget would be around 110000 crore rupees.

The Japanese government has been so happy with the compliance of the government of Manmohan Singh was given highest civilian award of the country in November 2014. No doubt the award was reciprocation for the compliance of a big deal with the Japanese government.

Only thing for which one can blame Narendra Modi in this bullet train is the timing and the road show which appears to be deliberately organised to promote the event as achievement of the efforts of Modi which is a big farce. But equally big hypocrisy is the protest of several lower level Congress workers.

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