Gurdaspur Election Result – It Is Local Rather Than National Factor

There has been too much hue and cry throughout the social network Facebook and Twitter that the party time is over for BJP as it has lost elections in Kerala and Punjab. Sorry folks, just because BJP is losing in Delhi University , Jawaharlal Nehru University or even Allahabad University or some mid term election at the places where it  is no longer dominant , the logic of party time is over for BJP is nothing but plain stupid mockery of politics.

Punjab has become a anti BJP zone in last 5 years , specially after the ouster of Siddhu and several  other party leaders. Even the present Congress CM of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh is having record of on and off relationship with Congress. The Punjab Congress is nothing but unified group of anti BJP and anti Akali Dal factions with little contribution from the Congress in the form of election symbol and established platform to do politics.

Those who are so happy about Kerala loss of BJP , I will only say its laughable that you are scared of the gimmicks of BJP that even the places where they have zero existence and zero support of the people you give so much importance , my dear its fear of Modi factor.  Opposition is lacking in strength and strategy, its more than obvious.

As far as loss of BJP in universities is concerned , I have very simple opinion the agenda of BJP is such that anyone having serious educational background in professional studies or science subjects would not like BJP. But tell me how many people in this country really adhere to such kind of hardcore studies.

The fact is very simple , it is too early to say that party time is over for BJP.

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