Sangeet Som , Is He a Real Well Wisher of Hinduism Or Impostor

We must not forget that Mr Sangeet Som is not a typical politician, he has also got several business achievements under his belt. Some of the major ventures in which he was involved include companies which export Halal meat. It is obvious that this man is not an enemy of people from minority religions , in fact he is involved in businesses which meets the nutritional needs of the followers of Islam.

He is founder director of a meat exporting company Al Dua Food Processing Private Limited, He served in the capacity of founder directer right from the inception of the company in 2005 till 2008.

Besides that other companies MK Overseas and Al-Anam Agro Foods are also related to his business ventures.

His educational qualification has been a subject of controversy, when he contested the 2009 elections for the lower house of the parliament his highest educational qualification was BA , but in the 2012 elections for the Legislative Assembly his highest education qualification got reduced to 12th .

Above information is based  on news published in .

The biggest problem with Mr. Sangeet Som is that he often pose as defender of Hindutva. In the latest controversy he claims that the Taj Mahal is not part of the Indian culture and it was built by an emperor who detained his own father. Quite ridiculous , considering the fact that Shahjahan the Mughal emperor who built this monument for his beloved wife was cunningly detained by his son Aurnagzeb. Its quite obvious that someone like Sangeet Som is not a man of letters and factual and historical error from this guy should be ignored.

UP cabinet minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi , who is one of the few educated ministers in the present cabinet has come out in the defence of the stance of the UP government and called the opinion of Som as his personal opinion. She clearly said that Taj is part of the cultural heritage and a major tourist spot. She also expressed that the government was dedicated for the development of the Taj Mahal and related tourist spots.

Lets wait , if Sangeet Som has got something else in his kitty to retort or he will mend his ways.  Highly unlikely, the man is not known for that , some more drama awaited.

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