Aara Headmaster Returns Dowry of His Son, Inspired by Nitish Kumar Drive Against Dowry

Nitish Kumar is still an inspiration and role model despite of too much mud slinging by his opponents. If one has to believe the news report published in Hindustan Times , one Hrindra Singh a retired school principal returned back Rs. 4 lakh which was given by the prospective in laws as gift or dowry.  Mr. Hrindra Singh was inspired by the call of the chief minister’s drive to ban dowry. There have been many such inspirational activities in Bihar under Nitish Kumar by his admirers but to any awakened mind the limit and ineffectiveness of such inspirations have been more than obvious.

The drive of banning liquor has fizzled out and now there is another new drive. Dear Nitish ji , when we talk about dowry it has been fully banned for few decades and your drive is nothing but attempt to gain the lost attention after you aligned with BJP. You can start all types of reforms and drives as there is no dearth of problems in the state of Bihar and after remaining at the helm of affairs for close to 13 years you have got nothing to show.

I wish you get replaced by someone like Giriraj Singh at least he is capable of standing to his words.

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