Child Marriage Prohibition Mission in Bihar, Must be Practical

When Nitish Kumar banned liquor in Bihar it opened doors for unscrupulous criminals to get into the business of bootlegging  mainly by smuggling liquor from neighboring Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Quite ironically in recent past Nitish used to demand ban of liquor in Uttar Pradesh from Akhilesh Yadav and Raghuvar Das. But after the recent power upheaval and right now having BJP in power in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar he has stopped demanding ban of liquor in neighboring states. Anyway despite of such a loophole in the system the liquor ban continues officially and there are people who get caught in the illegal selling of alcohalic drinks despite of the fact that rodents consumed the seized liquor which was stored in the go-down of Bihar police. How much action was taken in that case only Nitish Kumar and his followers might be aware of.

The recent mission started by Nitish Kumar to ban child marriage looks very promising on paper but there are flaws of implementation and considering the fact that it is already banned such initiation of drive is only adding confusion. In Madhubani head of a block complained of child marriage  which was arranged by a Mukhiya and Sarpanch. According to the reports the girl is an adult , whatever be the case it has become obvious that such kind of punishment measures and trespassing the traditional way of checking these social problems might help cunning individuals to settle scores with their rivals.

The practice is already banned by the law and common procedures are fair enough no point in having a mission for that.

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