Girlfriend From Bihar Willing To Sell Kidney For Boyfriend

A 21 year old woman traveled from Bihar to Delhi to sell her kidney for 2 lakh rupees  so that her boyfriend who works in Moradabad would marry her. The girl is already divorced and got close to the boy who lived in her neighborhood and works at Moradabad.  Despite of the insistence of Delhi Commission for Women the girl refused to lodge a case against her boyfriend. Anyway whatever be the approach of Delhi women commission or Bihar Woman Commission this incident marks the failure of education of girl child in Bihar.

The girl who is 21 year old is sample representative of many other girls of women in Bihar who are completely oblivious of the realities of life . The education projects of the government are  producing such kind of mentality then government must spend some more money on the girls of Bihar to do a psychological survey and find out the vulnerable girls who might be willing to sacrifice themselves for such kind of prospective life partners.

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