Rohtas Hooch Tragedy, Liquor Ban is a Complete Failure

When you make a administrative decision you should not ignore the technicalities. The very day Nitish Kumar passed the order of liquor ban it remains a utterly confusing and technically unimplementable decision. Considering the fact that Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand- the neighbouring states have no such ban and the high level of connectivity through road and railway makes an easy trade for smugglers to make big bucks.  Irony is that most of the people who used to drink are still found to be drunk, the only difference is that they procure liquor through illegal means. The tragedy in Rohtas which resulted in untimely death of 4 people  was waiting to happen and probably we might see a bigger tragedy as people are buying the alcoholic drinks from illegal sources which are not checked for the quality. The tragedy at Danwar village under Kachwa police station of the Rohtas district clearly marks that all is now well with the whimsical ban.

Currently all the senior police officials are camping at the place of tragedy and raid at the shop of one of the accused Antim Lal Singh led to the seizure of 3 bottles of foreign liquor,  2 liters of country liquor and 2 kg of ganja.  This may not be a crime committed by a organised gang but it clearly reflects the truth that just because of dictatorial whim people might not shun their old habits. The unavailability of quality checking and alleged strictness of implementation and high handedness has made the drunkards victim of spurious peddlers.

Here it would be worth mentioning that in the month of May there was a case where Bihar police personnel claimed that rats drunk around 9 lakh liters of liquor which was seized by the police department during its anti liquor campaign. There are around 40 K people who are under arrest for possessing illegal liquor. Quite ironical how easy it has become to trap people in such cases. The stealing of liquor bottles which were likely to be presented as evidence clearly shows how hollow is the claim of banning of alcoholic drinks.

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